Programs & Services

AOSCA provides a wide range of programs to help its clients meet the demands of today’s agricultural marketplace. With member agencies on three continents, AOSCA offers a broad network of organizations to coordinate the delivery of services that enhance and certify the quality of seed and crop propagating materials. Cooperation among member agencies assures uniform quality from field inspection through laboratory testing.

Variety Review Boards

AOSCA Variety Review Boards (VRB) provide a valuable service to plant breeders and the seed industry. Variety Review Boards started well over 50 years ago when AOSCA was known as the International Crop Improvement Association.  The Association developed the first eligibility requirements for varieties entering certification programs, focusing on genetic purity, novelty, and sufficient data to support claims made by plant breeders for these new varieties.  The aim of review boards was to provide uniformity among certifying agencies as new varieties were developed and grown for certified seed. Read on …

Additional Certification Requirements

AOSCA has responded to advancements being made in the development of new traits by adopting the AOSCA Additional Certification Requirements (ACR) program. Variety owners and developers now have the option of requiring additional testing to confirm the presence of non-visual traits as part of the certification eligibility determination. Read on …

Quality Assurance

The purpose of AOSCA’s Quality Assurance (QA) program is to provide a complete service for seed merchandised as varieties, hybrids, brands or blends that are generally not marketed as certified seed. System guidelines are very similar to certification guidelines and enable the seed producer to market seed with the assurance to each customer that the seed is of known purity and quality as verified by an unbiased third-party agency. The program provides coordinated, professional and unbiased field inspections and laboratory testing for quality control in seed in addition to an unbiased record system for use in meeting state and federal seed law requirements. Seed buyers have confidence that the designated seed has met purity standards related to a known description across seed lots and years of production.

Identity Preserved

Identity Preserved (IP) refers to the maintenance of a product’s specific traits or characteristics through growing, production and marketing channels. The purpose of AOSCA’s IP certification program is to assist in preserving the genetic and/or physical identity of a product. In order to use the IP logo, these specific minimum requirements must be met. Identity Preserved programs are designed to assure the identity of certain traits or physical qualities. Several AOSCA IP programs have been specifically developed to address transgenic crops and these provide a “systems approach” to assure that certain products meet tolerance levels of genetic material derived from biotechnology.