Crop Certification

Crop Certification

AOSCA agency personnel work with local and national clients on the coordination of programs across regional boundaries. Field inspection services are an integral part of AOSCA’s “systems” approach, which include detailed inspection reports created and maintained as part of the record-keeping process. Quality control inspection services may be tailored to best fit individual customer needs for Seed Certification, Quality Assurance, Identity Preserved or other programs.

Examples of custom field programs:

  • Breeder seed increase inspections
  • Trait inspections (i.e. Roundup Ready crops)
  • Phytosanitary inspections
  • Weed condition reporting

Field inspection information might include:

  • Varietal purity determination
  • Isolation information
  • Weed, insect and disease conditions
  • Other field condition information

Other services available from many agencies:

  • Seed and Grain Sampling
  • Grower and Product Handler Training
  • Seed and Grain Handling Facility Inspection Programs:
    Approved seed conditioners
    Approved bulk seed handling facilities
    Approved Identity Preserved grain handlers’ facilities
    Auditing Services