Oregon Seed Certification Service (OSCS) Seeking Manager

The Oregon Seed Certification Service (OSCS) is seeking its next manager, following the retirement of Dennis Lundeen at the end of 2017. Amidst an abundance of scenic beauty, Oregon supports a diverse seed economy in several agricultural regions. Seed growers, conditioners, producers, breeders, and marketers, supported by a comprehensive agricultural industry, produce and ship seed throughout the world. Oregon seed is recognized and respected internationally; most seed produced in Oregon is shipped out-of-state to national and international markets. Oregon Seed Certification Service certifies around 240,000 acres annually. Thousands of individuals gain their livelihoods in the seed trade, ranging from small family farms to international companies. A complete Position Announcement is attached.

To learn more about the position, including how to apply, visit the OSU Employment website at  Select “Search Jobs” and enter the “Posting number” P01626UF.